Thank you to all participants! See you at the next EuroGNC conferences!

News regarding the next editions of the conference can be found on the new website https://eurognc.ceas.org
and the proceedings can be downloaded from the paper library available on the new website (direct link).


(Copyright: TU Berlin)
(Copyright: TU Berlin)
(Copyright: ITA Brazil)

The Organizing Committee invites authors to submit papers of original works for presentation at the conference on the areas outlined in the following Forum topics:

  • Control Theory, Analysis and Design
  • Novel Navigation, Estimation and Tracking Methods
  • Aircraft Guidance, Navigation, and Control
  • Flight Dynamics and Simulation
  • Modelling of Aerospace Systems
  • Spacecraft Guidance, Navigation and Control
  • Missile Guidance, Navigation and Control
  • Mini/ Micro Air Vehicle Guidance, Navigation and Control
  • Flight Testing and Experimental Results
  • Human and Autonomous/Unmanned Systems
  • Intelligent Control in Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Aerospace Robotics and Unmanned/Autonomous Systems
  • Sensor Systems for Guidance, Navigation and Control
  • Guidance, Navigation, and Control Concepts in Air Traffic Control Systems