(Copyright: Clara Immerwahr)

Berlin has a long tradition in GNC. Askania Werke AG in Berlin was one of the most important German companies for aviation and navigation instruments since the 1920s. 100 years later, the most important scientific conference on guidance, navigation and control in Europe takes place at the TU Berlin – a university founded by Queen Elisabeth II. TU Berlin’s Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics was founded in 1955. The institute has seven departments in the field of flight mechanics and control, guidance and navigation, astronautics, aircraft design, aeroelasticity, aero engines and aerodynamics.  The campus is located in the heart of Berlin close to Berlin Zoological Garden.

The capital region is among the top three most important aviation technology regions in Germany. In addition to large aviation companies, such as Rolls Royce, various small aircraft manufacturers and suppliers, as well as aviation startups and some institutes of the DLR are located in and around Berlin. Industry and research meet together in Berlin – a perfect location for the EuroGNC conference.