Thank you to all participants! See you at the next EuroGNC conferences!

News regarding the next editions of the conference can be found on the new website https://eurognc.ceas.org
and the proceedings can be downloaded from the paper library available on the new website (direct link).

e-EuroGNC Workshop

Workshop series "Novelties in Guidance, Navigation and Control (e-EuroGNC)"

The e-EuroGNC provides a discussion session on specific issues in Guidance, Navigation and Control. The workshop takes place over zoom.  The link will be published on this page shortly before the first workshop takes place.

Workshop Date

The workshops start at 5pm (CET).

Workshop Topics

  • Aircraft Guidance, Control and Dynamics
  • Spacecraft Guidance, Control and Dynamics
  • Navigation and Localization
  • Control Theory and Application
  • UAV Guidance, Control and Dynamics

Difference between the online Workshop and the EuroGNC conference? Do I need to submit a paper to present my work during one of the online Workshop?

The online Workshop (e-EuroGNC) constitute a new initiative from the CEAS GNC Technical Committee and the EuroGNC 2022 conference local organizing committee. The goal is to foster a more regular exchange within the European and Worldwide GNC community. The online Workshops last typically 2-3 hours, are free of charge, and up to 1000 participants can connect. We think that this capacity will be sufficient, which is why no prior registration is required (anyone with the link will be able to join).

A paper is not required. For the workshop, the slides of the participants will be gathered and assembled in a published report. Presenters can also provide a textual summary of their presentation to be inserted before the corresponding slides. Alternatively, presenters can provide an introduction text, and short additional texts to be placed between slides, and a short conclusion at the end. The PDF of these research reports will be available online afterwards (with permanent address and archival).

Presenting a topic in the EuroGNC online workshops does not disqualify from presenting it during the in-person conference. The e-EuroGNC online workshop presentations are shorter and without paper and easily accessible from any place of the world, whereas the EuroGNC conference provides the full on-site experience of a small and focused specialist conference.

Slides of e-EuroGNC Workshop

In this section you find the presentation slides of e-EuroGNC workshop that have taken place Thursday, October 7th, 2021: