Thank you to all participants! See you at the next EuroGNC conferences!

News regarding the next editions of the conference can be found on the new website https://eurognc.ceas.org
and the proceedings can be downloaded from the paper library available on the new website (direct link).

About EuroGNC

The CEAS Conference on Guidance, Navigation and Control or “EuroGNC” was created in 2011 to foster the exchanges within the European community and internationally. At the time, it was inspired by the AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control and co-located conferences (especially the Atmospheric Flight Mechanics and Modeling and Simulation Technologies conferences), which were integrated into the large AIAA forums since 2014.

The objective has always been to keep the conference to a fairly small size with typically between 130 and 150 participants, with excellent value for money for the participants (lunches, dinner, etc. being included in the reasonable registration price). With everything happening on-site, participants do not disperse at lunch time but instead can continue their technical discussions and networking.

It is and it is meant to remain an applied conference with strong aeronautics and space orientation, even if other applications with similar challenges and modeling approaches are welcome (e.g. automotive, robotics, wind energy). More theoretical works in the area are welcome, especially if their application to aeronautics and space problems can easily be inferred.

The conference has been held every two years in the past (Munich, Germany in 2011; Delft, The Netherlands in 2013; Toulouse, France in 2015; Warsaw, Poland in 2017; and Milan, Italy in 2019). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 edition has been postponed to 2022.

EuroGNC is characterized by the excellent on-site exchanges between the participants and a virtual version of EuroGNC will hardly be able to provide the same value for the participants. Nevertheless, the CEAS GNC technical committee decided that if the COVID-19 pandemic were to make it truly impossible to hold EuroGNC on-site in May 2022, the EuroGNC 2022 will go online, exceptionally. Hybrid formats might be considered, as well. Opinions, ideas or experiences from the community regarding the possibilities to make a successful online or hybrid format for EuroGNC are welcome via email at the address info(at)ceas-gnc.eu. Almost two years after the start of the pandemic, many of us have had disappointing but also good experiences with new conference formats. We are very interested to hear from your good and bad experiences.

The following EuroGNC conference will be in 2024, location still to be determined. Research groups which are potentially interested in hosting the 2024 edition can contact the current chairs of the CEAS Guidance, Navigation and Control Technical Committee via e-mail at the address: tc-chairs(at)ceas-gnc.eu.