Thank you to all participants! See you at the next EuroGNC conferences!

News regarding the next editions of the conference can be found on the new website https://eurognc.ceas.org
and the proceedings can be downloaded from the paper library available on the new website (direct link).

Virtual Participation

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Technical requirements for virtual participation

  • The software used for virtual participation will be ZOOM.
  • To ensure the best possible transmission quality and stability, the use of a direct LAN (as opposed to WLAN) connection is recommended.
  • Make sure that the sound and video quality of your computer/laptop is good before the event.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of your browser. Ideally, you should use the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • If you have problems using ZOOM in your company, institute, etc., we recommend that you participate, we recommend that you participate in the event virtually using a private computer/laptop from your private network (home office).

Virtual participation

  • Participants with virtual lecture:
    • Please check here whether your browser and operating system support the use of Zoom.
    • Please check here if you have installed the latest version of the ZOOM client for meetings. (OPTIONAL)
    • Please ensure that your internet connection reaches 2MB/s upload and 4MB/s download. You can test your internet connection here. Please check that your sound is working well and that you can be heard clearly. You can test your settings in advance here. You will achieve the best quality when using a headset.
    • It is advisable to use a laptop or desktop computer, as this will ensure the best possible presentation in any case. The use of a mobile device (mobile phone or tablet) is of course also supported by the software.
  • Participants without lecture:
    • For virtual participation in the scientific programme and the virtual rooms (hosted by ZOOM), please check here whether your browser and operating system support the use of Zoom.

Rules of conduct

  • General rules
    • Use your real name for virtual participation, unless your pseudonym is generally known.
    • Recording presentations in any form (video, audio, photo) and distributing the material is prohibited.
  • Chat rules/rules for exchanges
    • Courtesy and respect have top priority.
    • Follow the instructions and explanations of the session leaders or the technical support.
    • Personal insults, racist, sexist or offensive comments in chat are prohibited and will be deleted accordingly.
    • Spam and advertising are also prohibited and will be deleted accordingly.
    • The organiser reserves the right to exclude participants who violate these rules from the event.